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How I Saved My German Shepherd's Life 
Written by Megan Green on {{mm_dd_yyyy}} 
I fell in love with Marley as soon as our eyes met through the cage bars of the SPCA kennel. He sat shyly and averted my glance at first, as if he was embarrassed of his current circumstances. His fur was unkempt and dirty and you could tell that he had been nervously chewing on the corner of his too- small mat that was there to offer minimal protection from the cold shelter floor.

“Owner Surrender” the index card sign read on the corner of his cage, “4 year Old German Shepherd.” So matter-of-factly, so emotion-less. “How could someone leave their beloved pet in a place like this?” I said turning to my husband, Charles. “I’ll go find out about the paper- work,” he answered. He knew what my tone of voice meant. He had heard it before, my mind was made up.
After filling out a short application and answering some questions, we were on our way home with Marley in tow, lying on an old towel in the back of our Honda CRV. I’ll never forget the way he looked up at Charles and me thankfully, and started wagging his matted tail when the shelter worker opened his cage to slip his rope leash on and lead him out. He had found his forever home.

Marley was nothing like the movie dog of the same name. He was patient, calm, and gentle. An instant hit with our friends and neighbors, he fit seamlessly into our lifestyle. He accompanied us on long walks around the neighborhood and to Corona Heights Dog Park. It was there that we soon noticed that something was not right with Marley’s hip. 

After running around for a little while or hiking uphill, Marley would begin to limp. Sometimes he would even let out a whimper and lay down to rest. We quickly took him to our vet to see what the issue was and what we could do to help. Dr. B was an old family friend, and we knew that we could trust him to tell it like it was. “He has some hip deterioration but the imminent problem is that it’s severely inflamed,” Dr. B said. “His previous owners may have over-exercised him as a growing pup or there was some sort of trauma but large dogs like this are prone to hip and joint problems.” 
“What can we do?” we asked. We were willing to do anything. It killed us to see him in pain. Dr. B was not the type of vet to push surgery or harsh prescription drugs and we were crossing our fingers that we could find another solution. “There is a natural joint supplement on Amazon that some of my patients swear by,” he said. “It’s made by Infinite Pet Supplements. I’ve checked out the ingredients and it looks like a great formula. It’s the only one I know of that has Organic Turmeric, which will definitely get the inflammation down. You can try it out for a couple weeks and minimize strenuous movements for him. Hopefully it helps, if not we can discuss other options.”

I was ecstatic to read all of the positive reviews for the formula that Dr. B recommended. Dozens of dog owners with similar problems wrote about the incredible results that they saw in their ailing pets. I ordered 2 bottles right from my cell phone while we were still in the car, as Charles drove us home. With next day delivery on Amazon Prime, the package was already waiting for us when we got home from work the next day.

I can’t believe what a difference it has made! I would not sit down and write a testimonial like this for a product unless it was life changing but that’s exactly what Infinite’s formula has been. Marley has a bounce in his step that he never had before. After six weeks of use he is able to run around in the dog park and go on long hikes with no sign of pain or discomfort. I can’t describe how much that is worth to us to not have to watch him suffer.
We called Dr. B tell him the good news and to thank him for his recommendation, and after hearing our enthusiasm he even started giving Infinite to his own Golden Retriever, Sandy. We are so thankful to the people at Infinite for making an outstanding product. All the human-grade ingredients are shown to improve mobility and eliminate pain and discomfort. Marley is walking/running proof! If you want to keep your dog’s joints healthy with natural, holistic ingredients this is the way to go.
When I told Infinite about my story with Marley and about my blog, here is what they wrote:
"Dear Megan,
Thank you SO much for writing to us. Your story truly inspired us and we are certain that all of your blog readers will benefit from hearing about your journey with Marley as well.
For us, knowing that we had even a slight part in making Marley's life more beautiful and pain-free makes our whole company smile and shine with pride! You are exactly the person who sees and lives our mission of helping our dogs.
You see, in everything we do, we believe in challenging the social norm. We believe in thinking differently.
We believe in feeding our best friends only the highest quality ingredients, so that they live only the highest quality life.
Our Infinite Joint Supplement is exactly for those dog parents who believe in this powerful idea as well.
We actually never have sales on our product, but as a sign of our appreciation for the work that you do, please allow us to give you 50 discount coupons for you to distribute. This coupon will save your readers 52% on our product and give their dog the same beautiful life that you gave to Marley.
Thank you again for your kindness and let's carry it forward so that more and more dogs can begin to live pain-free, wholesome and happy lives!
Your friend,
Greg Hall"
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Megan Green